Fumigation / Room Decontamination

Pathogenic organisms can be introduced into a veterinary clinic or animal housing, Hospital facility like, Operation Theatre, Isolation room, Intensive Burn Unit or Pharmaceutical Laboratory through a variety of ways. For this reason, disinfection protocols are necessary to prevent, contain and eliminate the spread of disease. Disinfection protocols, when implemented correctly, can be a cost-effective means of reducing pathogenic organisms and are an important step in any biological risk management program. Prevention of disease is typically easier and more cost-effective than addressing an outbreak situation. Therefore, development and implementation of a step-by-step disinfection protocol for the control and prevention of infectious disease has become essential.

The adaptation of rotating disc technology to airborne disinfection is the best kind of innovation: simple and effective.

Presenting Micro Drop Technology, which uses centrifugal force to project perfectly calibrated liquid droplets (5 to 10 μm) into the target regions. The brand new Phileas range automates the disinfection of any kind of surface, even the most inaccessible.

PHILEASAFE is a Hydrogen Peroxide solution and have a high level of efficacy. They have been validated by independent laboratories to have the capability of 6log reduction of bacterial spores (Geobacillus stearothermophilus or Bacillus subtilis) when used according to the recommended procedures. They can destroy bacteria, fungi, viruses, molds and bacterial spores. They have a complete spectrum of biocidal activity. They leave no residues on surfaces

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