Biohazard Safety Cabinet Testing & Certification

offers comprehensive testing, certification, decontamination and repair services for all clean air applications. This essential service is your assurance that the stated performance criteria of your laminar flow facility is maintained. We also certify that the work area has a cleanliness level which is equal to or better than Class 3.5 – that is, less than 3.5 particles per litre of 0.5 mircometres and greater in
Our trained and vastly experienced technicians are authorized by major manufacturers to perform warranty repair work. Testing and Certification services are executed in accordance with DPSB standard operating procedures (SOPs) and test according & complying to Australia standard specification, British, European standards and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Specialist Services
Mechanical Inspection
Including the motor/blower unit, vibration mountings,
switch functions, gaskets, pre-filters and HEPA filters.
Check for System Integrity
Challenge for filter leakage
Test for induced air leakage in the work area.
Prevent Cross Contamination
Check and adjust air velocity and uniformity of airflows.
HEPA Filter Life Expectancy & Performance
Measure light output, sound level and germicidal
ultra-violet lamp efficiency.
Particle monitoring
HEPA Replacement
BSC training course & seminar
Professional Validation and Report Sheet


The need for clean air is universal, unlimited and transcends political environments, economic uncertainties and markets. Virtually all human activities require clean air to survive. We are providing solutions to improve the quality of air for people, products, processes and equipment.

The scope of applications is unlimited and ranges from ultra-clean air for electronics manufacturing, to prevent the spread of infection in hospitals, to heating and cooling coils in air handling system, providing air intake filters and systems to prevent fouling, erosion and corrosion of internal machinery components, protection against environment elements for proper operation of gas turbines and other high-performance rotating machinery. Our air filtration and air pollution products fromAAF,  Camfil and our house  DPSB daily to improve the quality of air in outdoor and indoor environment.

DIAN PERMATA also offers complete solution for your need and requirement for indoor air quality services.

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